God is Generous | Minute Gospel Reflections for Kids

By Monique Sammut | September 13, 2020

Jesus teaches that there is no limit to the generosity of God!

Gospel Reflection for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s gospel, Jesus tells his disciples a parable about a man who went out five different times to hire people to work for him. The man agrees to pay all of his workers “the usual daily wage,” and at the end of the day, all of the workers are paid the same amount. The ones who worked most were upset. They thought it was unfair that those who worked less were paid the same as those who worked more.

The man in the parable is like God. The man was generous and kind to all of his workers – those who worked longer and those who worked less. God is the same. He loves all of us very much, and we are all made for Eternal Life. Heaven is not just for priests, or nuns, or really holy people. Just like the man in the parable gave all of the workers a chance to earn the same payment, God wants us all to live good, holy lives so that one day we can live with Him forever in Heaven.