Diving into the Mass Mini Course | All Days

You can print all of the worksheets together, or you can do them day by day. Each day linked to below has a video and the activity sheet. Use the instructions & fill the cross activity sheet to help your kids mark their progress. You can help them check their answers as they go with the answer key linked below. If they finish, celebrate by printing out the certificate!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at theresa@mycatholickids.com.

All Worksheets

Instructions & Fill the Cross Activity

Day 1: The Sign of the Cross & The Greeting

Day 2: The Kyrie & The Gloria

Day 3: The Collect & the First Reading

Day 4: The Psalm & the Second Reading

Day 5: The Gospel & the Homily

Day 6: The Creed & the Prayer of the Faithful

Day 7: The Presentation of the Gifts & The Eucharistic Prayer

Day 8: The Sanctus & the Consecration

Day 9: The Our Father & The Agnus Dei

Day 10: Holy Communion & The Final Blessing


Answer Key