Free Stickers for Kids Who Complete the Diving into the Mass Mini Course!

If your child makes it to the end of the Diving into the Mass Mini Course, it’s time to celebrate! We’ll send a free set of our Bible Character Stickers to children who complete the course.

How to Redeem

You can redeem the free stickers by posting a picture of your child/children holding their filled out certificate and tagging us on Facebook or Instagram (Facebook: @mycatholickidscompany, Instagram: @mycatholickids).

Then, email us 1) your mailing address, 2) the number of children who completed the course, and 3) their ages to Please be sure to send us the email from the email address you used to sign up for the course. If you are not able to for any reason, please also include that email address in your email.

We expect to have the stickers in the mail to you within a week or two of when you email us your request for them.

Sharing & Permission

By sharing and tagging us with the picture on social media, you are giving us permission to reshare it on our social media accounts. If that is not what you want, no problem! Just send the picture in your email instead. If you would rather not share a picture of your children with us at all, that’s not a problem either. We will accept the email without a photo and take you at your word.

Deadline for Redeeming & Other Limitations

We will only provide one set of stickers per child as part of completion of this course.

The deadline for redeeming the stickers is three weeks (21 days) after you sign up for the course. We will need your email from the email address you used to sign up and with the information outlined above by that time in order for you to be eligible for the stickers. If you run into an issue with this for any reason, please reach out to us and we’ll work it out!

Unfortunately, this offer is only available in the United States. Trust us when we say that we’re just as bummed about that as you are. =(

Also, this offer is designed for use by families as opposed to groups and organizations. If you have a group a children who are completing the course together outside of their home or as part of an organizational function, we ask that you have the parents or guardians of the individual children reach out to us upon completion for redeeming the stickers. Unfortunately, we are not able to send stickers for a group of children to a single address or accept a single email request for redeeming stickers for an entire group of children. In this case, there may have been a single email address used by a teacher or organizer. Please have parents and guardians share that email address in their request to redeem the stickers. Or, alternatively, they are welcome to sign up for the course with their own email address and then use that one for the request for the stickers.

Please note that our ability to provide the stickers is based on our supplies and ability to ship. There is always a possibility that we will not be able to fulfill a request for the free stickers even if you qualify and all of the conditions have been met. For that reason, we cannot guarantee that we will send these stickers. However, please know that we full expect to be able to provide the stickers for every child who qualifies.