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Meet Saints Perpetua & Felicity

Feast Day: March 7th

Saint Perpetua was a noblewoman, and Saint Felicity was a slave. They met in prison when they were both arrested for being Christians. 

The guards treated them badly, and Perpetua’s father kept trying to change her mind. If they said they were not Christian, they would live. But Perpetua and Felicity knew that loving God was more important than anything else on earth, so they stayed strong and stayed close to God. 

Perpetua and Felicity died standing side-by-side. They loved God so much that they gave up their families and friends to give God the greatest gift possible: their lives. If we find it hard to love God during difficult times, we can pray to Him for strength. He loves us, guides us, and will always be there for us, just as He loved and guided Saints Perpetua and Felicity.

Saints Perpetua & Felicity Coloring Sheet

Saints Perpetua & Felicity coloring sheet

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