The Ultimate Guide to Making a Jesse Tree

Play Bingo with the Saints!

Saint Bingo uses pictures of the saints to help children visualize the saints in the same way they visualize cartoon characters. The excitement of the game will help get them excited to learn about the saints in a fun and interactive way!

Here’s how to play:

1. Get your supplies! Print and cut out your bingo cards and saint cards. You’ll also need a bunch of pennies or something to use as bingo chips. Each person gets one bingo card.
2. Put the saint cards in a container like a hat or a bowl to mix them up. One person will pick a saint out for each turn.
3. Each time a saint is drawn from the container, put a penny or chip on that saint on your bingo card. The cross in the center is a free space. Put a chip on there when you start.
4. The first player to get 5 in a row wins!

Saint BINGO Sheets

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Saint BINGO Calling Cards

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