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Diving into the Mass Mini Course

This 10-day email course features a new video each day explaining two different parts of the Mass with a fun worksheet recapping the things they learned!

Free Stickers for Kids Who Complete the Course!

Ever feel like your little one needs an extra incentive to get to the end of a goal? We got you covered! We are giving away a free set of our Bible Character Stickers to children who complete the course. Check out the details here.

Who It’s For

This course was designed for kids around First Communion age (between 6 and 8 years old), however, it can also be used and enjoyed by children a little younger or older with a parent’s or guardian’s help. It’s designed to teach about the standard Novus Ordo Mass in the United States.

Here’s What’s Included in the Course

  • All Printables for the Course (PDF with everything you need to print)
  • Instructions & Fill the Cross Activity (PDF with instructions and a fun way to keep track of progress)
  • Day 1: The Sign of the Cross & The Greeting (Video and PDF)
  • Day 2: The Kyrie & The Gloria (Video and PDF)
  • Day 3: The Collect & the First Reading (Video and PDF)
  • Day 4: The Psalm & the Second Reading (Video and PDF)
  • Day 5: The Gospel & the Homily (Video and PDF)
  • Day 6: The Creed & the Prayer of the Faithful (Video and PDF)
  • Day 7: The Presentation of the Gifts & The Eucharistic Prayer (Video and PDF)
  • Day 8: The Sanctus & the Consecration (Video and PDF)
  • Day 9: The Our Father & The Agnus Dei (Video and PDF)
  • Day 10: Holy Communion & The Final Blessing (Video and PDF)
  • Certificate (PDF – To celebrate what you’ve accomplished!)
  • Answer Key (PDF)

How It Works

Start by submitting your email below. The first email you’ll get after that is confirming that you meant to sign up in the first place. Click the link in that email to confirm and you’re ready to start.

Day 1 of the course is the day that you sign up, regardless of what day that was. In that email you’ll get a link to all of the materials that you’ll need to get started. Each day for 10 days you’ll get a new email with a link to the next video and the worksheet for that day. You print the worksheets as you go, or print them all ahead of time if you’d like. Here’s an example of what the worksheets are like.

You, of course, don’t have to complete each day of the course on the day that you get the email. But don’t wait too long. The deadline for getting the stickers is based on the day you sign up!

Sign Up Now!

Enter your name and email address below to get started. Remember to check your email immediately after for the email asking you to confirm that you meant to sign up. Congrats, we’ll see you in the course!