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Give the gift of the Saints

With our Saint Subscription, inspiring the faith has never been so easy!

Children need spiritual role models.

Who is your child’s favorite character? If they are anything like mine, it is probably someone from their favorite storybook or show.

Now, there are some amazing stories and shows out there… but here’s the problem. The people that I want my children to be in love with are the saints!! The story of our faith is the greatest of all stories, yet somehow when my two sons, 4 and 1, are looking at religious pictures and icons their imagination just isn’t captured.

So I set out on mission to make my kids fall in love with the saints! My first discovery was Tiny Saints, who create adorable keychains of the saints. I immediately wanted them all… and I did purchase a lot, but there was one problem. My one year old thought these little saints looked a lot like lunch.

I needed saints perfect for little hands, with simple stories. So I spent the next five months creating My Catholic Magnets. These magnets each feature a hand drawn illustration of a saint that looks like the characters from his favorite books.

Why do we have the 12 Month Saint Subscription?

It has been so exciting since finishing this project. My son’s new favorite person… Saint George! He asks me to tell him the story of Saint George everyday! Even when he’s not playing with the magnets themselves the saints are a part of his everyday imagination and play.

With your My Catholic Magnets subscription, you will receive the newly released saint each month. Your child will look forward to their saint magnet as well as their story/holy card.

Keeping the faith alive doesn’t have to be an impossible challenge.

My Catholic Magnet Saint Subscription keeps excitement for the faith alive by delivering a new Saint to your child every month. Your child will receive a newly released Saint magnet, along with a holy card telling the saint’s story. Now you don’t have to plan extra ways to talk about the faith. The saints will arrive at your doorstep each month with their story in hand! You will receive all this for $5 a month, less than a Starbucks frappuccino! 

We never plan to forget about the faith.

Being a parent is hard work. In addition to caring for our children’s spiritual souls we have housework, homework, baths, and bills.

Many times our spiritual plans fall apart not because we don’t care, but because life gets busy, we run out of time, or simply forget.

Don’t let your spiritual goals flame out like that this year.

What people are saying.

“I absolutely have to get the subscription! We get so busy in life. I love knowing my son will be getting something religious in the mail every single month without me needing to think about it.” – Mother of Two in Michigan

“I just received my magnets, thank you so much!!! They are all so beautiful, I was surprised at the exceptional quality of the magnets themselves! And they sit so beautifully in the plastic cases. Not to mention your drawings are fantastic. I am so happy with the magnets, they turned out just wonderful!!! The subtle details are superb! And the bio cards are amazing too. Thank you so much for what you do for the children and Catholic families, and I am very satisfied with my order!”  –Incredible Kickstarter Backer

The Magnets turned out so great and the kids love them! They have such a friendly way about them. Some times I wonder if the images they see of the saints in art or even picture books, albeit beautiful, might be a bit overwhelming or unapproachable. These magnets have such a sweet, friendly way about them. They just make you want to find out more. I held some of them back from St. Nicholas Day for stocking stuffers. Thanks again.– Mother of Five in Michigan

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