Saints Joachim and Anne: Parents of Mary

By Monique Sammut | July 26, 2018
Number One Grandparents

Most grandparents boast about their grandchildren, but no grandparents have more right to boast than Saints Joachim and Anne – the parents of Mary and the grandparents of Jesus.  We don’t know much about the Blessed Mother’s family.  Even the names of her parents, Joachim and Anne, belong more to legend than to history.

Every legend agrees that Joachim and Anne were childless for a long time before an angel told them that they would have Mary.  After she was born, she was consecrated to God.

Joachim and Anne represent the importance of fostering and nurturing younger generations in faith, morals, and in an atmosphere of love.  We learn from those who go before us, and while we don’t know much about Mary’s family, it is most likely that they had a great influence on her and raised her to love God and be devoted to Him.  The way Joachim and Anne brought up Mary, prepared her to say “yes” to the Angel Gabriel.  Thus, they also helped to prepare the way for Jesus, just in a different way than might be expected.

A Day With A Reminder

Saints Joachim and Anne are the Patron Saints of grandparents.  Saint Anne is also the patron of mothers and she is often invoked by women looking for a husband!  Saint Joachim is the patron of fathers.

The feast of Saints Joachim and Anne is celebrated on July 26 and it has been referred to as “the feast of grandparents.”  This day should remind grandparents and older generations of their duty to ensure that they pass on their faith and love to those who come after them.  However, this day also holds a grave reminder to younger generations to respect the wisdom and experience of those who are older than them.  When old and young work together and appreciate and learn from each other, wonderful and powerful things can happen!

We all have a special place in this world and a special calling.  God will help us find our calling and He will also guide us as we strive to live our vocation.  However, when times are touch, it might help us to turn to our spiritual grandparents – Saints Joachim and Anne.  They loved and guided Mary and they also love us and will guide is if we ask them!

Saints Joachim and Anne, please pray for us!

“We all carry inside us, people who came before us.”  Liam Callanan