Unus Deus + Book & Stickers


Get the Unus Deus game with the Unus Deus book and Unus Deus stickers!


Unus Deus Card Game

Unus Deus is inspired by Uno. Instead of matching random colors and numbers, you match liturgical symbols and colors. The ratio of cards is meant to reflect the liturgical year, so there are more green cards (Ordinary Time) than purple (Lent). Each deck includes story cards that help children learn about the liturgical year.

Unus Deus Book

The Unus Deus book features the symbols, seasons, and stories from the game. The stories teach children what each of the symbols are and why they’re important. These are items that we see at Mass and letting kids experience them in a new way will help them to deepen their understanding and familiarity with them. While the Unus Deus game comes with story cards with the same stories, the book is a better way to experience them.

Unus Deus Stickers

The Unus Deus stickers also feature the symbols and seasons from the game. Have fun matching the colors or just free playing with the stickers. The set includes 27 high-quality die-cut stickers on with 70lb. High Gloss UV paper with an easy-peel back. They’re the perfect companion to the Unus Deus card game and book.