My Jesse Tree Sticker Set Two-Pack



  • Two Bible Character sticker sheets
  • Two two-sided card stock Jesse Tree
  • Two Bible Characters Story Books

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Bible Characters Story Book

This book is an amazing and fun way for children to learn about the Bible and Jesus during Advent. It has 25 stories that can be read one each day during December and end on Christmas. They are designed to lead children through the entire story of the Bible in a simple and fun way. Each features children’s illustrations, a story, and references one or more optional bible verse.

My Jesse Tree Sticker Sheet and Tree

This sticker set is an amazing, fun, and affordable way to celebrate Advent.

The Sticker Sheet
The sticker sheet features 25 circular Bible Character stickers, each numbered and designed to go along with the Bible Characters Story Book. Each day starting on December 1, you can read a new story and place that character’s sticker on the included cardstock Jesse Tree.

The Jesse Tree
The tree is beautifully printed on a large sheet of 9×12 inch card stock. It features two tree designs, one on each side. The Traditional Jesse Tree is meant to represent the passage from Isaiah 11:1 which reads “A shoot will spring up from the stump of Jesse”. This Old Testament prophecy connects Jesus to the line of the great King David (the son of Jesse).

The Evergreen Jesse Tree gives you the lush and familiar look of the Christmas tree. Many people use their Christmas tree as a Jesse Tree before redecorating it for Christmas.

With both trees included on either side, the choice is yours. Which will you use this Advent?

Bible Characters Included

  1. God the Father
  2. Adam & Eve
  3. Seth
  4. Noah
  5. Shem
  6. Abraham
  7. Jacob
  8. Joseph (Old Testament)
  9. Moses
  10. Joshua
  11. Rahab
  12. Samson
  13. Ruth
  14. Jesse
  15. David
  16. Solomon
  17. Elijah
  18. Jeroboam & Rehoboam
  19. Isaiah
  20. Jeremiah
  21. Ezekiel
  22. John the Baptist
  23. Joseph (New Testament)
  24. Mary
  25. Jesus