Nothing is more empowering than giving birth!

By Theresa | January 30, 2017
Drawing of pregnant woman with the text waddle for life

I’ve always been passionately pro-life!

But this year I got to see the March for Life from a new view… I wasn’t in DC surrounded by enthusiasm, energy, and lots of coffee as millions of sleep deprived people from across the country showed up in buses to stand for the innocent.

Instead I was at home, still very sleep deprived, 9 months pregnant with the great news from my doctor that, “THIS BABY IS GOING TO BE HUGE!! What is your plan for getting him out?” I also had two little boys bouncing off my belly like it was a trampoline.

The concept that pregnancy can be scary wasn’t an idea… I knew it all too well.

I wanted to be encouraged! I wanted to be empowered…

This moment with my doctor reminded me of when I was at the end of a half marathon… I was dying, I was exhausted… I didn’t have another step in me, then I rounded the corner and there was a huge group of people cheering, the Rocky theme song blaring in the streets… and it gave me the motivation I needed to rally and finish the race.

When I watched the Women’s march on Washington this week, I felt so defeated… to me there was a strong message, you can’t be mother, you can’t handle pregnancy, you can’t do this…

Now I have an amazing husband, family, and friends encouraging me. But then I think of all the women who don’t… how can they choose life? Pregnancy is scary enough by itself, then to have everyone around you saying you can’t… Nothing is more defeating.  

We need to encourage and empower women.

You can do this! Pregnancy is hard, but you’ve got this! Labor can be crazy, but you will win!

Nothing is more empowering than giving birth!

After giving birth to by first son well over 9 lbs. there is no question… I know I can anything!

Our world encourages women to push the limits, break glass ceilings. Let us help encourage woman to break the glass ceiling of fear and the unknown because nothing is more empowering than barreling through morning sickness, braving braxton hicks, and conquering labor to give birth to a little angel.