Children’s Missalette Videos


During the coronavirus national emergency, we are making our library of Mass videos for the Children’s Missalette available free to all!

If you and your children are unable to attend Mass, this is the perfect time to help them better understand the Mass in an environment where kids can ask questions and watch related content. That’s what this page is for!

Mass Online

We encourage families that are unable to attend Mass to watch Mass online if you are unable to attend. EWTN’s is a great source to both watch Sunday Mass and read the Mass readings.

But before you do, be sure to prep with our Minute Gospel Reflection for Kid, or our Mass Muscles video. After, dive take a quick minute to dive just a little bit deeper by watching one of our Diving into the Mass videos.

These videos will be updated weekly and will continue to be available for free during our national emergency at

Videos for Sunday, March 29, 2020

Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead | Minute Gospel Reflections for Kids

See all previous Minute Gospel Reflections for Kids on our blog!

Mass Muscles | Fifth Sunday of Lent

Designed for use with the Children’s Missalette, but super helpful to prep kids for Mass even without it.

Diving into the Mass | The Book of the Gospels

Each week, we take a minute to dive deeper into one aspect of the Mass. See all previous ones below.

All Diving Into the Mass Videos

Sign of the Cross





First Reading


Second Reading




Prayer of the Faithful

Presentation of the Gifts

Eucharistic Prayer



Our Father

Agnus Dei


Final Blessing

The Tabernacle

The Altar

Altar Candles

The Crucifix

The Pall

Stations of the Cross

The Book of the Gospels