Easter Sunday: Alleluia – The Lord is Risen

By Monique Sammut | March 31, 2018
“Jesus Christ is Risen Today”

You don’t realize how strange and silent and somber the Church feels when Alleluia is missing!  When it comes back with full force on Easter the very walls seem to sing to make the cry even louder!  Easter Sunday is an amazing day!

Once, around Easter time, someone came up to my father and said, “Jesus is risen!”  To which my father unknowingly and enthusiastically replied, “He SURE is!”  The appropriate answer would have been: “He is risen indeed!”  But Easter is a time of celebration.  A time when the unexpected happens.  A day when the Son of God conquered death.  The day that the new Adam restored to humanity the life lost by the disobedience of the first Adam.

New Life

Easter Sunday is a day to celebrate new life!  It is the day Jesus conquered death in order to give us life.  Easter has become a celebration of bunnies, eggs, and baby chicks.  All three of these have their place and help to bring to the forefront the celebration of life that Easter brings.

There is more to Easter Sunday than Easter Egg hunts and the Easter Bunny.  It is a day to remember with joyous and immense gratitude.  We have a Savior who loved us to the utmost extent that he gave his life to save us.  It is often said that if there had been only one person on earth in need of redemption, Jesus still would have come to save us.

Celebrating the Day

There are many ways to explain Easter to children.  One beautiful story is “The Tale of Three Trees.”  As silly as it sounds, children can learn to identify with the trees.  We are all called to be bearers of Christ and bring him to others.  There is a movie about the three trees also.  Children are never too young to learn about the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ.  There are obviously different levels in which they can be introduced to the horror of Good Friday.  It is important that children understand that “dying was his reason for living.”

The Real Meaning of Easter

Easter is not about death.  It’s about life.  It is about the remarkable gift God gave us through his son.  The darkness is over and the light is shining.  Our Savior is risen and Heaven is opened.

This Easter, I hope you experience the joy and hope that Easter brings.  During the darkest times, it helps to remember that the dawn always follows the darkness, spring follows winter, and Easter always follows Good Friday.

There is always hope.  Easter is about hope.  It is about the little buds that bloom after a long winter, overcoming all odds to emerge from the cold, hard soil.

Easter Sunday is about life.  About hope.  Jesus is risen!  Alleluia!!!

“Earth’s saddest day and gladdest day were just three days apart.”