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Mass Time Meaningful

The Children’s Missalette helps kids embrace mass time and learn more about their faith every week.

Mass Time Is Hard

It’s hard for parents, and it’s hard for kids. There’s nothing worse than seeing children who are old enough to start understanding the mass constantly becoming bored and distracted. At the same time, we parents are often struggling with the younger children, warding off judgemental parishioners, or (gasp!) attempting to nourish our own souls in the presence of Our Lord.

Even when you do have your child’s undivided attention, it can be hard to know what to say to help them understand and appreciate the mass and their faith. As a result, mass time often becomes a rote part of our kids’ spiritual lives. We find other times to teach them about God and hope that they’ll magically start to love mass before they get to college.

What if our kids could follow along with the mass every Sunday? What if they were excited and incentivized to do so? And what if that incentive wasn’t candy or a new toy, but was something that helped them learn even more about their Catholic faith as a whole?

Introducing The Children’s Missalette

The Children's Missalette

The Children’s Missalette is a weekly program that gives kids what they need to be invested in following along during mass time. Each week they’ll watch a video about mass, read a story about their faith, and most importantly follow along with the mass.

Be the first to try The Children’s Missalette by purchasing our limited beta test version for the weeks of July 14th – August 4th 2019.

How It Works

Pages and Video Icon

Weekly Missalettes and Videos

Each week at mass, you’ll use a new Children’s Missalette. Before each mass, your child will watch a short video explaining the parts of the mass included in that week’s missalette. Some parts of the mass will repeat from week to week. Other parts will be brand new. The goal is to ease our children into recognizing and following along with all of the different parts of the mass. Children's Missalette inside

Example of the mass parts for one week. The Gospel icon features an image of a barn, which is relevant to that week’s gospel reading and will be discussed in the video before that mass.

Inside of The Children's Missalette

Master the Mass

Over time, your child will become familiar with parts of the mass and the videos will start to focus more on the lessons in the gospel reading for the week. In the future, we will develop individual videos about the parts of the mass so that you can always go back for a refresher. Then, the new weekly video will focus exclusively on the gospel reading for the week.

The Children's Missalette - Animation

Inside the Missalettes

The missalettes are simple and beautiful. This cardstock single fold pamphlet contains a pouch concealing a surprise story card. These story cards feature a kid-friendly picture and story about the Catholic faith to learn each week. Before taking the story card out at the end of mass, your child will slowly uncover the picture on the front of the card. During mass, they’ll open a new window tab for each of the 10 mass parts included this week, much like an Advent calendar. By the end of Mass, the picture will be revealed!

Children's Missalette Inside View


Story Cards to Discover

After each mass, your child will have a new story card to take home with them. Whether it’s about a saint, a Bible story, or something else about their Catholic faith, their curiosity will be high after uncovering the picture. Read the story on the back together after mass every week and your child will grow more curious and knowledgeable about their faith week by week.

Noah Story Card front and back

The Children’s Missalette is designed with ages 6 to 8 in mind. Kids older or younger may enjoy it too!

Buy the Beta Version Now Before We Run Out!

We plan to offer the Children’s Missalette in the future as an ongoing monthly subscription, but if you hurry, you don’t have to wait! We’re doing a limited beta test during July and early August 2019. We can only accept a limited number of to be the very first people to purchase and use the Children’s Missalette.

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Sign Up And Save

Our planned price for the Children’s Missalette is $20 per month. But, Children’s Missalette beta testers get the beta test set for just $16.

BONUS! As a beta tester, you will also be able to subscribe and continue at our discounted rate once the Children’s Missalette subscription is available to everyone later this year.

Your Feedback Counts

As a beta tester, we want to know what you think! After you purchase, we’ll reach out to you by email to get your phone number too. We’d like to hear what your experience is like with it what you want to see in the final version.

Sign Up Now – Don’t Miss Your Chance!

Don’t let July come and go with mediocre mass experiences. Instead, see your child light up and take interest in the mass in a way they never have before. Buy the Children’s Missalette beta test before the spots are gone!

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