Mother Teresa: Saint of the Poor

By Monique Sammut | September 5, 2018

Early Life Mother Teresa, also known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, was born on August 26, 1910, and given the name of Agnes.  She was baptized on August 27, and she always considered this her “true birthday.” At the age of eighteen, Agnes joined the Sisters of Loreto in Ireland.  She hoped to learn English … Continue reading “Mother Teresa: Saint of the Poor”

Saints Monica and Augustine: The Fruit of Many Tears

By Monique Sammut | August 27, 2018

A Difficult Marriage Saints Monica and Augustine are powerful Saints!  We learn almost everything we know about Saint Monica from her son, Saint Augustine of Hippo. Monica was born around the year 331 in present-day Algeria.  Even though she was a Christian, when she was still very young, Monica’s parents married her off to a … Continue reading “Saints Monica and Augustine: The Fruit of Many Tears”

The Assumption of Mary into Heaven

By Monique Sammut | August 15, 2018

A Special Feast Day The Assumption of Mary is also known as the Falling Asleep of the Blessed Virgin Mary or the Dormition of Mary.  It is a Holy Day of Obligation (when it is not celebrated on a Monday) and is celebrated annually on August 15. Every year, Christians celebrate when Our Blessed Mother … Continue reading “The Assumption of Mary into Heaven”

The Transfiguration: Walk With Us, Lord

By Monique Sammut | August 6, 2018

On the Mountaintop The Feast of the Transfiguration is the day that we remember the day Jesus was transfigured in front of Peter, James, and John on Mount Tabor.  In Matthew 17: 1-5, the Bible says: Jesus took Peter, James, and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain by themselves.  And he … Continue reading “The Transfiguration: Walk With Us, Lord”

First Saturday: A Marian Day

By Monique Sammut | August 4, 2018

First Saturday Devotion Honoring the First Saturday of the month has its origins in the Fatima apparitions.  The devotion is also known as the Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Our Lady of Fatima promised many graces and blessings to those who would dedicate five consecutive first Saturdays to … Continue reading “First Saturday: A Marian Day”

First Friday: A Day of Reparation

By Monique Sammut | August 3, 2018

An Act of Reparation First Friday devotions are an excellent and simple way to make reparation and console the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The first mention of First Friday devotions is in the apparitions of Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  He also made several promises to those who honored nine consecutive First Fridays.  Jesus … Continue reading “First Friday: A Day of Reparation”

Saints Joachim and Anne: Parents of Mary

By Monique Sammut | July 26, 2018

Number One Grandparents Most grandparents boast about their grandchildren, but no grandparents have more right to boast than Saints Joachim and Anne – the parents of Mary and the grandparents of Jesus.  We don’t know much about the Blessed Mother’s family.  Even the names of her parents, Joachim and Anne, belong more to legend than … Continue reading “Saints Joachim and Anne: Parents of Mary”

Saint Christopher: Please Protect Us Always

By Monique Sammut |

A Popular Intercessor Most of Saint Christopher’s life is shrouded in mystery, speculation, and legend.  There are even doubts as to whether he really existed.  Saint Christopher may actually be an amalgamation of two or more historical figures.  Many pictures and legends portray Christopher as extremely tall and muscular. Roman Catholicism and Saint Christopher Saint … Continue reading “Saint Christopher: Please Protect Us Always”

Saint Mary Magdalene: There is Always Hope

By Monique Sammut | July 22, 2018

‎Truth or Tradition Mary Magdalene was a Jewish woman who is known as “Apostle to the Apostles.”

Our Lady of Mount Carmel: A Flower in the Desert

By Monique Sammut | July 16, 2018

The Bearer of Many Names Our Lady has many names and one of them is Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  This title commemorates her role as Patroness of the Carmelite Order.  The Carmelites dedicated a chapel to Mary, whom they affectionately called, “The Lady of the place.”  Eventually, she was given the official title of … Continue reading “Our Lady of Mount Carmel: A Flower in the Desert”