Children’s Armor of God Prayer

“Mom, our prayer takes away bad dreams!”

That is the sound of victory!! I’m sure we’re not the only family that has struggled with tears and bad dreams especially this year. 

Begin the Day with the Armor of God!

Growing up we would put on the Armor of God to begin each day. Now with little ones of my own I wanted them to be clothed with the same power from God… But they are wiggly wild boys, so I also wanted to make it fun, and understandable. They love the idea of being a warrior, so I really leaned into the fact that they are a warrior for God. 

Printable version of prayer!

Thomas Doubts Jesus’ Resurrection | Minute Gospel Reflections for Kids

Gospel for April 19th, 2020, Divine Mercy Sunday

Jesus has risen from the dead! But Thomas won’t believe unless he sees it for himself. Jesus shows Thomas His wounds and tells him to believe.

Gospel Reflection for Kids

In today’s Gospel, Jesus appears to His apostles after He was raised from the dead. Jesus breathes on them and says,

“Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained.”

You see, the apostles were the very first priests. Jesus was giving them the power to forgive sins, and that’s the reason why we can go to priests for confession today!

But Thomas, one of the apostles, wasn’t there when Jesus came to them. When the others told Thomas about it, Thomas didn’t believe them. He said,

“Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and put my finger into the nail marks and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.”

So, the next week, Jesus came to Thomas and said,

“Put your finger here and see my hands, and bring your hand and put it into my side, and do not be unbelieving, but believe.”

Jesus was showing Thomas the marks that He still had from His death. They are signs of His love for us.

And on this day, Divine Mercy Sunday, we honor the image of Jesus where we see the rays of blood and water coming from His Sacred Heart. Remember that because of His merciful love, Jesus sent the power of the Holy Spirit to our priests to forgive our sins.

Happy Feast of Saint Catherine Labore!!

I love introducing my kiddos to the saints and Saint Catherine Labore is just amazing!! The Blessed Mother appeared to her and asked her to create a Medal with her image on it… That’s what we know as the Miraculous Medal!! The Blessed Mother asked us to wear this Medal! Now, my kiddos like to eat little things, so I created a giant and beautiful Children’s Miraculous Medal so my little guys can stay close to Mamma Mary without her ending up in their bellies.


Printable Miraculous Medal!!

Last year we made printable Miraculous Medals with my class and they loved it!! So I’ve got it here for you! This is a really fun activity to do while reading the story of Saint Catherine Labore. I’ve got her story plus the printable Miraculous Medal here for you!


Have a beautiful feast day!
In Christ,
PS Don’t forget today is the last day to order in time for Advent!

100th Anniversary of Fatima

Today we celebrate the incredible 100th Anniversary of Fatima and the miracle of the sun!

I love the story of Fatima and the Blessed Mother appearing to the three children. Jacinta and Francisco are now both saints!!

We’ve got special short stories and coloring sheets to celebrate today!

Our Lady of Fatima             Saint Francisco              Saint Jacinta

Plus we have some beautiful articles to share about the Rosary!!

A short history of the rosary

Draw close to Our Lady

The Rosary a weapon for our times!

The Family that prays together stays together


May Crowning Coloring Giveaway

Today is day
to Celebrate May
Grab a coloring sheet and play

May Crowning Giveaway!

Make this May special, download a coloring sheet of Mary, have your kids crown her, and enter to win a free Blessed Mother magnet + two additional saints of your child’s choice! You can see all the saint magnet choices here in our store.

To enter:
Post your coloring picture on Instagram
Tag us @mycatholickids
Use hashtag #mycatholickids
If you have a private account you can DM me your masterpieces.

You will receive 1 entry for every coloring sheet posted. You may also receive additional entries by tagging friends. – 1 additional entry for each friend tagged.

The winner will be chosen at random May 31st!

I can’t wait to see your pictures!!
Theresa 🙂

May Crowning Coloring Sheet Printable

Download Now!

By entering you give @MyCatholicKids permission to repost and share photos. This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Instagram. Must be 18 or older to win.

Celebrate May Crowning with Free Marian Printables

I still remember the May Crowning during the year I made my First Communion.

It was so special. It was a beautiful and very windy day in May. I remember beaming with a smile in my First Communion dress. The wind whipped my little veil as we first communicants marched in a little line across the parking lot and into the church.

Now, as a mother, I want my children to grow up with the same love and beautiful memories of the May Crowning that I was blessed with.

Celebrate May Crowning

This can be as simple as you would like. While my family always attended a May Crowning with a procession at church, we would also make a little crown of flowers for our Mary statue in our backyard. We would do a little procession to crown Mary with just our family.

May Crowning Printables

Free May Crowning Printables - Our Lady of GuadalupeMay Crowning Printables - Coloring Sheet (1)Free May Crowning Printables

The May Crowning is such a simple yet beautiful celebration. This year, I made little printables for you to invite others to yours. I was inspired after hearing how many of your children loved the printable Saint Valentines. These little cards are perfect for teachers to send home with students when inviting parents to a May Crowning. Or your children to give them to grandparents and friends etc.

For a simple version of a May Crowning, I have a Mary printable where your child can draw a beautiful crown on Mary. If you want, you could play some of your favorite Marian hymns in the background!

If they’re too little for coloring our babies can still stay close to Mama Mary with our Children’s Miraculous Medal. This giant Miraculous Medal is made from 100% food grade silicone so it’s safe for little ones to squeeze and chew while admiring a the Blessed Mother and the Miraculous Medal in all its glory.

Let’s honor Mary, the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth!

In Christ,


May Crowning Coloring Sheet Printable

Download Now!

May Crowning Printable Blessed Mother

Download Now!

May Crowning Printable Our Lady of Guadalupe

Download Now!

Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter

Sometimes simple celebrations are the best. Today is the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter. This is when the Church stops to celebrate the papacy. Before Jesus rose to heaven he appointed a leader, the pope, here on earth to guide us.
We weren’t just blessed with our first pope, Saint Peter, but for over 2000 years the Lord has guided the Church through the Pope.

Knowing that this is an important feast in the church, I began dreaming up creative and fun ways to illustrate this feast day. I thought of creating a giant timeline showing the history of all the Popes throughout history. Or a fun craft recreating the actual Chair of Saint Peter.

But instead of creating fun and education crafts this week, our family was blessed with the birth of our third son! There has been lots of rejoicing and resting, and in that moment, I almost decided to let the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter slip by. But then I realized, not everything has to be a grand moment.

If we spend our lives looking for the perfect moment to teach our children about the faith, that may never come. If every activity about the faith has to be a momentous occasion, we may miss the little moments.

So today, we are celebrating the Feast of the Chair of Saint in two simple ways:

Read the Story of Saint Peter

We are just going to read the story of when Jesus appointed Saint Peter as the first Pope. Matthew 16:13-20

Coloring Sheets of the Pope

Next, I have coloring sheets of both Pope Francis and Pope Saint John Paul II. 

Pope Francis coloring sheet

Download Now!

Download Now!

Even if you only have a few minutes today. Celebrate the gift that Christ gave us in the Pope!

In Christ,


P.S. The National Catholic Register did an amazing article on today’s feast!

A story of Saint Valentine to share with your kids

Saint Valentine’s day is coming!

Something that surprises me is the way that we can know who the saints are without actually knowing their story and why the church honors them.

Saint Valentine is especially interesting to me. Being that he died in the year 269, it is tough for us to really know a lot about him… but there are stories and legends of his life. This one in particular stuck out to me.

Saint Valentine the Patron Saint of Marriage

Here’s his story in a simple way retold for our kids to understand.

Hi, I’m Saint Valentine. I lived a long long time ago when Claudius II was the ruler of Rome. There were two important things to know about this king. First, Claudius II did not like Christians. Second, he loved having lots of soldiers to fight in his wars!

Claudius II thought having soldiers for his wars was so important that he made a law that people couldn’t get married. Claudius II thought that if young boys got married and had families they would not want to go off and fight in his wars.

This made things really tricky for the Christians following God. First, they knew that God wanted them to worship Him, not the false gods of Claudius II. Second, they knew that God wanted them to get married and start families.

I, Saint Valentine, had the special job of being God’s helper during this time. I was a priest, so I would marry the men and women who wanted to get married. This is why I am called the patron saint of love and marriage.

The Beauty of Marriage today

Times have changed but not that much. It can be really tough teaching our children about the beauty of marriage in a world that is so very confused. Saint Valentine’s Day can be a perfect day to show and remind kids of the beautiful gift of marriage.

Free Coloring Sheet and Printable Valentines

We’ve got a free Saint Valentine coloring sheet for you today!

Saint Valentine coloring sheet

Download Now!

Free Saint Valentine valentines

In case you missed them last week you can download our free Saint Valentine, valentines!

I hope you have blessed Valentine’s Day!

In Christ,
P.S. When my four year old son first heard the story of Saint Valentine, he burst out in a panic, “But my papa married my mama! Is that ok?”

Free Printable Valentines!

Saint Valentine’s Day is almost here!

Not only is this an amazing day to appreciate those around us and enjoy some wonderful heart shaped chocolate, but we are celebrating the feast of a saint!

We’ve been spending a lot of time with the saints in our house this year. With January kicking off the first month of our Saint Subscription of My Catholic Magnets, I’m constantly working on exciting new bonuses to share with our subscribers to help teach their children about the saints, and inspire a love for our faith.

The latest project has been printable saint valentines. It was truly a group effort as my 4 year old son helped me pick out the different colors to make the valentines and figure out what each valentine should say.

Saint Valentines can be a simple way to share our faith!

We’ll be sharing our valentines at story time in our public library this week. Who isn’t going to love a cute valentine from your child, especially with a small lollipop taped to the back 🙂

You can download our Saint Valentine, printable valentines for free!

Want printable Valentines of all our Saints?

After seeing how cute the Saint Valentine printables turned out, I decided to create printable valentines featuring all of our different saints. Everyone with our Saint Subscription received these too! You can try our Saint Subscription for only $5 a month! After you subscribe you’ll receive a link to download the additional saint valentines.

I hope you have a blessed Valentine’s Day!

In Christ,


Nothing is more empowering than giving birth!

I’ve always been passionately pro-life!

But this year I got to see the March for Life from a new view… I wasn’t in DC surrounded by enthusiasm, energy, and lots of coffee as millions of sleep deprived people from across the country showed up in buses to stand for the innocent.

Instead I was at home, still very sleep deprived, 9 months pregnant with the great news from my doctor that, “THIS BABY IS GOING TO BE HUGE!! What is your plan for getting him out?” I also had two little boys bouncing off my belly like it was a trampoline.

The concept that pregnancy can be scary wasn’t an idea… I knew it all too well.

I wanted to be encouraged! I wanted to be empowered…

This moment with my doctor reminded me of when I was at the end of a half marathon… I was dying, I was exhausted… I didn’t have another step in me, then I rounded the corner and there was a huge group of people cheering, the Rocky theme song blaring in the streets… and it gave me the motivation I needed to rally and finish the race.

When I watched the Women’s march on Washington this week, I felt so defeated… to me there was a strong message, you can’t be mother, you can’t handle pregnancy, you can’t do this…

Now I have an amazing husband, family, and friends encouraging me. But then I think of all the women who don’t… how can they choose life? Pregnancy is scary enough by itself, then to have everyone around you saying you can’t… Nothing is more defeating.  

We need to encourage and empower women.

You can do this! Pregnancy is hard, but you’ve got this! Labor can be crazy, but you will win!

Nothing is more empowering than giving birth!

After giving birth to by first son well over 9 lbs. there is no question… I know I can anything!

Our world encourages women to push the limits, break glass ceilings. Let us help encourage woman to break the glass ceiling of fear and the unknown because nothing is more empowering than barreling through morning sickness, braving braxton hicks, and conquering labor to give birth to a little angel.